About Plus Size Active

Owned and operated in Western Australia by myself, Rhiannon Bradley (and my occasional support crew of amazing partner, our pooch and a couple of besties) I thoroughly love what I do and aim to provide customers with the highest possible quality at the best possible prices.

I was working in the mines, away from home a lot and pretty unhappy after a few years of the same old thing…. so I started searching online for alternative options that would allow me to be home more often, and offer freedom of expression and an opportunity to make decisions I believed in. Along came Plus Size Active, a ready made website that I just had to add products to and nurture to grow. I have heard so many horror stories from my friends going in to big name active wear stores that didn’t cater to larger sizes, and sometimes even being body shamed, the last thing that is needed when you’re taking the first step of improving your fitness levels or weight loss, whatever your goal. Personally I always shopped at Kmart or Target for that exact reason myself, but always enviously looked at those sexy leggings that didn’t come in my size… here was an opportunity to change that…. and not charge an arm and a leg for it either!!!

Currently the site stocks a few different brands, but I’m always on the look out for more, and currently trying really hard to build our own Plus Size Active brand. Every item we stock is specifically designed for curvy women, so they are super comfortable in all the right places and won’t roll down at the waist or show your knickers during yoga class!!!

I’m more than happy to receive feedback, suggestions and ideas, so feel free to email info@plussizeactive.com.au if you’d like to get involved.

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