The top 6 benefits of raw honey

So you ordered something online from Plus Size Active and you received a weird sachet or two of honey? Confused? Don’t be.

We love honey! There are so many benefits of that liquid gold; it naturally contains nutrients and enzymes that have so many health benefits.


Raw honey contains phenolic compounds, an antioxidant which help protect your body from cell damage due to free radicals found in other non-organic foods. Did you know some raw honeys have just as many antioxidants as some fruit and vege?


Some raw honeys can kill some unwanted bacteria! It naturally contains hydrogen peroxide which helps fight off some bacteria and fungus.

Heal Wounds

Some honeys, like Manuka Honey, can treat wounds! Due to its antibacterial nature, it’s an effective germ killer.


These are compounds often found in plants and can effectively protect a plant! Some compounds can help keep insects away or shield them from UV rays.

Phytonutrients can also provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. As honey is made from plants, these properties are naturally transferred!

Digestive help

Honey is also said to aid digestive issues. Taking a single teaspoon on an empty stomach may help soothe pain.

Sooth a sore throat

If you’ve never taken a spoonful of honey to ease your sore throat… get out from under that rock! This old school remedy works as a cough suppressant, too.

Eager to try out raw honey? Head to your local supermarket or produce store or better yet, grab a bargain from us and we’ll include a couple of sachets in your order.